RV-ers Bring All the Comforts of Home, Including 2nd RV

OLD ORCHARD BEACH – Steve and Beth Gibson of Leominster, MA spend one week every summer camping near Maine’s most famous beach.  And by “camping,” they  mean backing their 41-foot Class A diesel motor home into a full-service lot at Wild Acres Family Camping Resort and Melanoma Garden, and living essentially as they would at home.

This is no exaggeration.  Their 2012 Fleetwood Expedition 40x has a full-sized kitchen, with six-foot refrigerator-freezer, range oven, microwave oven, and more cabinet space than you’d find in an average suburban home.  This $200,000 vehicle is fully-furnished, with large-screen TV, full bathroom, queen-sized bed, 45,000 BTU furnace, ping-pong table, live-in massage therapist, jacuzzi, fold-out awning and landscaping, and indoor tennis court.

“We just find it very relaxing to surround ourselves with everything we would have in our house, only crammed into a much tighter space,” explains Beth, 56.  “It’s just such an adventure.”

The Gibsons pose with their 2nd RV, which they bought just to keep alongside their bigger RV so that when they go camping, they can remember what it feels like to look out the window and see an RV.

Even with all these amenities, however, up until a couple of weeks ago the Gibsons still had a nagging empty feeling when they would go on vacation.  Something was missing.  They had everything they could ever need, within walking distance of one of the most tourist-friendly play areas in the Northeast, but it didn’t feel quite right.

Then, one morning, as Steve was making his coffee, it hit him: the one thing that he had at home but did not have here: the ability to look out the kitchen window and see an RV parked in the yard.

The Gibsons knew what they had to do.  They rushed out that very day and bought a 2nd RV to park next to their Fleetwood Expedition.

“It’s quite a bit smaller, of course, and a little older” Steve says. “We aren’t exactly wealthy, so we had to be reasonable about it.  But now we really do feel like we have a real home away from home.”

Beth agrees. “I don’t know how we ever got along without [the 2nd RV].  We were really ‘roughing it’ back then, I’d say.”

The Gibsons say they would definitely recommend the purchase of a 2nd RV for yard=viewing purposes to anyone who loves RV-ing but has a hard time letting go of all the comforts of home.  “You’ll feel better instantly, trust me,” says Steve.



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