WVOM Radio Hosts Celebrate Men’s History Month

Ric Tyler (left) and George Hale say they want to be judged on their job performance, not on their fuckability.

BANGOR – March may be Women’s History Month, but WVOM (“The Voice of Maine”) morning show hosts Ric Tyler and George Hale are taking a principled stand against this type of blatant double-standard by declaring “Men’s History Month” at the station.

Underscoring the diabolical threat represented by power-hungry feminists and their radical agenda, Tyler and Hale neatly articulated their case for Men’s History Month, pointing out that, notwithstanding what the liberal media and the academic elite would have you believe, men have made many significant contributions throughout the ages.

“Despite the fact that they’ve had limited opportunities throughout the development of practically every society on Earth, men played important roles in some of our most well-known historical events,” said Tyler.  “For example, not many people know that Dwight Eisenhower had to overcome tremendous disadvantages in order to become the 34th male President of the United States.”

The duo are beginning each segment of their 5-9 a.m. broadcasts this month by highlighting the accomplishments of an important male figure in history.  Though the segments have generated some controversy, the station insists that they are not trying to take anything away from Women’s History Month – they just want to see that both sexes are treated equally.

“If women want equality, we should have a Men’s History Month along with a Women’s History Month,” said the geriatric Hale, who last slept with an actual woman in 1983. “Why should Margaret Chase Smith and Harriet Tubman get more attention than Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln?  It’s all about fairness.”

People also tend to overlook the fact that all of the great female leaders, inventors, and artists celebrated throughout textbooks would not have existed if it were not for the fact that a man was willing to donate his sperm, and sometimes even participate in parenting the young heroine-to-be.  But does Queen Elizabeth’s anonymous father ever get any credit?  No.

“Prejudice against males continues to this very day, as thousands upon thousands of innocent men are forced, against their will, to ask for directions while driving, or to talk about their feelings,” said Tyler during yesterday’s broadcast.  “It’s a wonder, being treated this way, that men have managed to accomplish anything at all.”

The two hosts note with pride that they, themselves overcame social prejudice to become the first all-male duo to host a morning radio talk show on a conservative station owned by Blueberry Broadcasting.  “We’re living proof that, despite the lack of positive examples for boys in the media, males can work hard and achieve their dreams,” said Hale.

WVOM, which carries conservative truth-tellers Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, hopes these nationally-syndicated shows will pick up the momentum of Men’s History Month and sweep it across God’s favorite nation.



  1. “the geriatric Hale, who last slept with an actual woman in 1983” At least his memory is still functioning:-)

  2. Jack Mahoney says:

    One might have thought that the only traits retarding their brethren’s progress to be a common troglodyte viewpoint that marvels at the regularity of the tides, coupled with a lack of wit and a delivery that could easily have been parodied by Sid Caesar, so it’s good to learn that character defects are not the issue–it’s the tyranny of the Mother. Did you call yours this week?

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