Legislature Passes Bill Making Paul LePage King of the Universe

AUGUSTA – In the wake of Gov. Paul LePage’s announcement that he would veto every bill that comes across his desk until he sees one that pays the state’s debt to hospitals, the Legislature wasted little time in approving a measure that would give the Governor absolute sovereign authority over all matters in the known universe.

LD 842-13, “An Act to Enshrine Paul LePage With Supreme, Unchecked Executive Power and Grant Him and All His Descendants Incalculable Wealth in Perpetuity,” passed by a margin of 26-9 in the Senate and 134-20 in the House.  It includes an amendment that would also increase funding for domestic violence programs by 6,000%, and another that immediately dissolves all teachers’ unions, declares all schools in the state private schools, and reduces state funding for education to $117.39.

It now awaits the governor’s signature, which he has vowed not to give.

“If the governor vetoes this bill, we can tell the voters we really tried to work with him, but he simply was too stubborn,” said Sen. John Courtney (D – Someplace Down By New Hampshire).  “If he does sign it, we can slam him for being a hypocrite and going back on his word.”

The Governor’s office had no comment, but a source within LePage’s inner circle confirmed that he finds the bill “confusing.”




  1. Confusing!

  2. I must confess to being confused as well. Should they have sent him a bill saying “I am lying” and see what he did with that?

  3. Kathleeen M Heath says:

    I love it. He is king all right. King of Fools maybe he should have another drink. This man has made a laughing stock out of our state. I am so proud to be a Mainer

  4. The man’s an idiot. He’s wasting everybody’s time. He’s attacked the retired folks who have far less to live on to farther less to live on. From what I’ve heard, he fire’s employee’s that don’t agree with him. He’s a perfect example of the chaos that the good hard working, harder not working people of this state that are giving up inside because of power that officials like him carry over all of us. We don’t have time for this. The people of Maine need a leader to fight tooth and nail for all of us out here trying to figure out our next day while his wallet is doing just fine. He’s got his benefits while he play’s games with helping us lose ours. He’s proven everyday since he took office that he could give a crap about the people he is suppose to be representing. If you want to treat the people of Maine who have WAY less to live on then you then what goes around, comes around. No respect for us, no respect for you. The rich gets richer. No respect, none what so ever. Thanks gov.

  5. Adam Leach says:

    I want to know which 3 Representatives voted twice?

  6. John Foss says:

    I love it!

  7. not confused,,,,,lmao

  8. I can’t stand him. He’s such an idiot. If State matters weren’t so important his behavior would be funny!! He’s nuts!!!!

  9. liberalism is now officially a severe mental disorder and the state of the union is proof !!

  10. Some woman may have little beards. This is truth. He speaks the truth! ALL HAIL KING LEPAGE! Ruler of the universe!

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