Dems: LePage Too Fascinating Not to Film

AUGUSTA – The Maine Democratic party said today they would pledge to stop filming Gov. Paul LePage’s public appearances if only he would stop being so darn interesting all the time.

The announcement comes in the wake of LePage’s refusal to meet with Democrats in the Legislature because he objects to the presence of a “tracker” following him around and taking footage of him lying, swearing at people, and picking his nose.

Hypocrisy much?

“The People of Maine are not props to be used to score political points, unless they’re making me look good,” said LePage.

His spokeshuman, Adrienne Bennett, said, “Paul LePage did not expect, when he went into politics, to have cameras on him all the time, with people trying to use the footage to make him look bad.  I’m not sure what he did expect; I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

When asked if the governor had similar objections to the Republicans’ use of similar tactics against Angus King, Bennett said, “You have to understand: The governor is a very smart man, but emotionally, he’s only about eight years old. So please cut him some slack, okay?”

Democrats insisted that the governor should still do his job, and accept the fact that he’s going to be the target of people’s lenses.

“Gov. LePage is an irresistible subject for any cinematographer serious about his or her craft,” explained Democratic Party Chairhuman Ben Grant. “He is every film student’s dream come true. How can we deprive our cameras of this work of art as long as he remains so compelling?”




  1. You fools.

    It should be obvious.

    LePage doesn’t want to be filmed because he *can’t* be filmed. He is a member of the Undead.

    The only “photos” in existence are those of his double.

    LePage can not be captured by any process that uses silver. Ever seen him look in the mirror?

  2. john morris says:

    an easier scapegoat they never was….”midmanagement corruption” (computer glitch?) “IRS has powers like the gustapo”
    dont let the media or public opinion sway your thoughts…every story has two sides (remember Bengazi)

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