Guest Column

What the Hell is ‘Amnet Realty’ Running For?

By Congressman Mike Michaud (D-Maine)

One of the great pleasures that comes with representing Maine’s 2nd congressional district is being able to travel all over the most scenic areas of the state and take in the beauty man y of us have come to take for granted.

But there is one sight that I must admit I find rather troubling, and that is all these signs for Amnet Realty that have popped up all around the western part of the district.

Who is this Amnet Realty person, and what office is she running for?

When I first saw one of the signs along Route 4 in Turner, I figured it was for a local election, maybe Board of Selectmen, Sexton, or something like that. Every stupid little public office in all our little backwoods townships has to be voted on year after year.  “Amnet Realty for Code Enforcement Bribe Collector” would be a good campaign slogan.  People in Turner would eat that shit right up, I figured.

But then I saw another “Amnet Realty” sign over in Mercer.  County Commissioner?  Nope. There’s even one in Oakland, which is in a whole different county from Turner (I checked).

State legislature?  I had my staff comb the list of races for districts in that region.  Nothing.  Then I asked them to call Amnet Realty’s campaign headquarters (the number is right on the sign) and find out for me.  My campaign manager said he would get right on it, but I haven’t heard anything.

I’ll be damned.

Maybe she’s a write-in candidate.  You know, one of these Johnny-Come-Latelys whose ax-to-grind didn’t materialize until after the deadline for nomination papers.

If that were the case, don’t you think her signs would say what office people should be writing her in for?

Come to think of it, that may be the most disturbing part of this whole fiasco.  I’m pretty sure Maine election law requires candidates to include the title of the office they’re seeking on any signage or other campaign materials.  You can bet I’ll be in touch with the Secretary of State to make sure there’s a full investigation.

Of coursre, knowing my luck, Amnet Realty is probably a Republican.




  1. This is the only congressman I cannot be certain of that this is a spoof:-)

  2. This “guest column” is a transparent fake. It’s much too grammatical and orthographically correct to come from the hand of Mike Michaud.

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