New G.O.P. Ad Paints Dill as “Vicious, Bloodthirsty Champion of the Middle Class”

ORONO – New Republican mailings released today attack Democratic Senate senate candidate Cynthia Dill for her “horribly irresponsible ideas that will ensure that our most vulnerable citizens have a voice in Washington.”

The mailings insist that Dill is a “demented Satanist swamp wench” who would “keep the environment clean for future generations to enjoy, and work to ensure that you and your family have access to quality health care.  She is a vicious, bloodthirsty champion of the middle class who has what it takes to hold Wall Street billionaires accountable for their actions.”

“What a bitch,” it concludes.

Yet another example of the typical trick of choosing the darkest, least-flattering possible photo of your scowling opponent for your political flyer.

State G.O.P. officials denied that they are simply trying to pump up Dill’s reputation in liberal districts like Orono in order to siphon enough votes away from left-leaning Independent Angus King so that Republican Charlie Summers can sneak past him to victory, just as Paul LePage did when the liberal votes split between two candidates in the 2010 Gubernatorial Election that will Live in Infamy.

Critics contend that some language in the ads, such as the assertion that Dill “is an awful choice for those who want the government to round up and slaughter gay people,” attempts to manipulate progressive moderates by complimenting Dill in a backhanded way.

“Look, the ad clearly says she’s ‘an awful choice,'” said Republican Party spokeshuman David Sorensen. “What more do you want?”

Even though polls show Dill earning the support of only 5% of likely voters, trailing King, Summers, Roger Clemens, the emerald ash borer, and the still-at-large abductor/killer of Ayla Reynolds by large margins, Sorensen said it is still important for the Summers campaign to devote massive resources to fight her candidacy.

“We must show Dill for what she really is – a progressive voice, guided by deeply-rooted principles, who will ignore special interests,” Sorensen said. “I guess if you really want someone like that in Washington, then go ahead and vote for her, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.”




  1. They said she was really Batman too.

  2. She’s no liberal, of course not. According to the Gallup Report only 22% of Maine’s voters are self-identified liberals. So she’s a “progressive.”

    Not that it matters. She won’t even get Libby’s 19%. Elections are won by “ex-Democrats.”

  3. I think Dill could get the 19% “eye candy” vote. At least that’s how one Republican who plans to vote for her explained it to me:-)

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