Obama Campaign Targets Maine with “Black Angus” Ads

Disorganized Campaign Drops $600,000 on Half-Page Spread in Piscataquis Observer

PORTLAND – President Obama’s Maine campaign office has apparently taken notice of  Independent Senate candidate Angus King’s consistent 40-point lead over irrelevant challengers Charlie Summers and Cynthia Dill.

New ads hit the airwaves and newspaper pages today, attempting to rebrand the President as “Black Angus” in the Pine Tree State.

“Maine voters are tired of the same old political games,” said Ben Grant, chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “They want a fresh voice in Washington – someone who is not beholden to special interests or backroom back-scratching. President Obama carries that independent spirit, at least as far as we’re concerned at the moment.”

While some analysts questioned the strategy of associating the President of the United States with a cow headed for slaughter, Democratic Party officials insisted that the catchy term “Black Angus” will help ensure that the average Maine voter forgets that Obama has already been President for almost four years.

“Just like how they’ve forgotten what Angus King actually did when he was governor,” said Grant.

Television and radio ads feature a deep-voiced male narrator bemoaning the lack of leadership in Washington, and then asking, “Don’t you want a leader who can cut through all the partisan bickering and get things done, ayuh?”  The message ends with the voice of Barack Obama saying, “I’m Black Angus, and I approve this wicked message.”

Grant refused to comment on reports out of Dover-Foxcroft that disorganized and out-of-touch campaign workers sent a $600,000 check to the Piscataquis Observer for a half-page “Black Angus” ad to run in one edition.

Newspaper employees could not be reached for comment today because they’ve been partying like manic college freshmen since last Thursday, but signs of the influx of cash were evident in the local economy, inasmuch as there actually was one.



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