Dill, Summers Finally Concede Senate Race

PORTLAND – With 88% of precincts reporting primary election results, Democrat Cynthia Dill and Republican Charlie Summers finally delivered concession speeches to their disheartened, but supportive campaign workers at about 9:45 Wednesday morning.

“For a while – I’m going to say, a solid six hours – it looked like we’d be able to hang in there,” said Summers, speaking at his campaign headquarters in Portland. “But, at this point, it is appropriate to congratulate Angus King on a good campaign and wish him the best of luck in the United States Senate.”

Dill, also gathering her campaign workers in Portland, employed a different tone in her speech. “This race may be over, but the fight for affordable health care, equal pay for women, and a healthy environment certainly is not,” she said. “I urge Senator King to stand up for the people of Maine on these issues as best as he is able, given that he won’t be able to serve on any committees or anything.”

Analysts at The Sardine Report projected King the winner after about 0% of precincts had reported their results Tuesday, long after most other media outlets, but still hours before the candidates were willing to wave the white flag.

King had already given his victory speech on April 12. “I am honored to have campaigned against those other people — their names escape me at the moment — who deserve a lot of credit for serving the people of Maine in whatever capacity they did up until this point,” he said. “I’m sure it was honorable and so on.”




  1. Clearly, Chuck, this would be one of the more palatable results. However, if Angus does to us what Cutler did in 2010, I will go over to his house and yell at him personally. He lives nearby.

    • Don’t you mean “what Libby Mitchell did in 2010”? Miss 19% stole at least 2% of what Cutler needed to beat LePage.

  2. A refreshing contrast to the piece on Dirigo Blue that Dill winning! If Libby Mitchell can only draw less that twenty percent in a three way race of a statewide nature, who’s dumb enough to think Dill will won’t do worse than that?

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