Seagull Getting Ballsy

HARPSWELL – Seagulls may annoy or amuse the average tourist trying to enjoy a picnic along Maine’s scenic rocky coastline, but for one intrepid scientist they are a fascinating study of the interplay between courage and hunger.

Dennis Luskiewicz, 52, of Harpswell reported Tuesday that one bird in particular, whom he has nicknamed Elvis, “is getting pretty ballsy” in the pursuit of bits of Luskiewicz’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“I started by tearing off little pieces of bread and throwing them onto the pier for him,” said Luskiewicz before heading back to work from his lunch break. “Then I was dropping ’em closer and closer to me, and he kept coming to get ’em.”

Before long, Luskiewicz reported, Elvis would furtively dart over to within two feet of him to grab a piece of bread, and then quickly fly away. None of the other gulls would come within about five feet or so, he said.

“No wonder the tourists like it here so much,” he said. “This is great entertainment. I could just about reach out and grab him if I wanted to.”

Luskiewicz, who works at a nearby convenience store, said he plans to return during his lunch break tomorrow with a sandwich on wheat bread rather than white to find out of the change impacts Elvis’s motivation.




  1. Trea King says:

    Wanna hear of a ballsy Gull?! My Dad was eating at Fat Boy’s in Brunswick last summer and he had one of his burgers still in the bag on the tray they put on your window. A Gull flew over and stole the bag right off the tray! My Dad tried to get it back, but the Gull had wings, so he had the advantage! Luckily, the staff saw what happened, and after laughing their asses off at my Dad chasing this Gull, gave my Dad another burger. This time, he hung on to it!

    True story…nothing was made up!

  2. Michael Grace says:

    Exact same thing happened to me at Fat Boy’s! My wife was the one laughing at me though.

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