Conscientious Shoppers Stock Up on Styrofoam and Plastic

PORTLAND – Trader Joe’s shopper Morgan Trefethen showed his concern for the environment yesterday by stocking up on organic meat wrapped in non-recyclable and non-biodegradable petroleum-based products.

“It’s just one thing I can do to make a difference,” said Trefethen, 27, of who lives on Grant Street. “If everyone bought just a little bit of styrofoam each week, eventually it would be all gone.”

People who look for organic meats point out that synthetic hormones have been linked to cancer and premature puberty, while chemical pesticides used in chicken and cattle feed also seep into ecosystems, poisoning groundwater and eventually vegetation.

A vegetarian diet is one way to avert support for such abominations, but, as Connie Trask of Falmouth points out, “that doesn’t solve the problem of all this clean air and all these empty landfills.”

Trask, who founded a local meat appreciation group called Mainers Against Seriously Troubling Instances of Carnivores Abdicating Their Ecologically-Required Status  (MASTICATERS), says she wants her nine-year-old daughter to “grow up in a world where Styrofoam and plastic wrap remain part of the landscape in a very literal sense.”

Scientists say foam and plastic products used for packaging meat take about 4,000 years to biodegrade, which means “future generations, perhaps discovering some remnant of my boneless chicken breast packaging in some dark, ravaged dystopian world 500 years from now,  will always be able to appreciate the sense of moral superiority we felt while trying to Save the Earth.”




  1. isn’t styrofoam recyclable? it’s got that little triangle thing on it

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