Gardiner: Planting on Litchfield Results in More Leeds

FARMINGTON – A local master Gardiner has learned that sewing seeds on top of your Litchfield can result in a greater yield of crops such as Turnerps and leafy Greenes, but you’ll also end up pulling more Leeds.

University of Maine at Farmington horticulturist Wayne Manchester recently visited Peru to learn more about alternative growing methods, and, as Fayette would have it, learned a variety of Newry techniques that Buck current trends in the field.

“Any Gardiner worth his salt is always learning, so I started to Rome the Earth and Readfield more books on the subject,” says Manchester. “I eventually realized that maybe my own crops weren’t Sabattus I thought.”

Wayne Manchester, Dresden his finest Sumner yard clothes.

Another key tip Manchester picked up on in Poland is to pour as much Rum as you can afford over your plants, though you must then be careful to eat in moderation so you don’t get severe Hanovers and eventually have trouble with your Liver more.

Manchester’s methods Minot be fore everyone.  Local Gardiner Jay Winthrop says he has tried them, and Wood not put any stock in them.  In fact, he said, there is absolutely Norway he would use these mythical tricks again.

“My wife, Bethel, told my Mechanic about the Rum thing, and he Fell for it right away,” said Winthrop.  “Sure enough, his Gardiner isn’t any better than anyone else’s.  In fact, within three days his plants were Wilton.”

Manchester admits there is some Gray area regarding how the methods should be applied, but says he is sticking with his discoveries.  “I Canton my back on them now,” he says.



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