Guest Column

Has Your Driveway Been Pre-Plowed?

By Paul Kangras, Paul’s Plowing, Inc.

With such an unusually small amount of snow on the ground right now, you might think you do not need to have your driveway plowed.

Think again.

Now is the perfect time to get your driveway ready for the next big storm (you know it’s coming) by having it Pre-Plowed® by Paul’s Plowing, Inc.

We are the only company in the Lewiston-Auburn area offering this essential service, so sign up today by calling 513-8989.

Pre-Plowing® conditions your driveway to the unique shape of my plow, so that the optimal amount of snow is removed during the next storm.  It’s especially useful on gravel driveways.

Think of it like shaving, only instead of the blade being designed to conform to the shape of your face, parts of your face get scraped off so the blade applies more evenly.

Argh!  That is probably not the type of metaphor that will give you a pleasant association with my business.  Forgive me, I’m still new at this marketing thing.  It has never been necessary before.

You see, in the past, all I had to do was drive around in my truck, with my name and phone number on the side, and people would call me constantly.  Hell, I’d have people jumping out in front of me in the road, begging me to knock aside the 6-foot salt-sand-encrusted snowbank at the front of their driveway that their snowblower wasn’t man enough to handle.

Well, not this year. Old Man Winter has given me the shaft.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes.  Pre-Plowing®.

You might be wondering, “Why the hell should I hire some guy to scrape his plow over my driveway when there’s no snow on it? Especially when I have a paved driveway?

Well, my friend, I would have to respond by saying that is a damn good question. Yes, indeed. A damn good question.

Hmm… I guess if you’re willing to take chances with your family’s safety, that’s no business of mine.  But if you’d rather be “safe than sorry,” you might be glad to know that anyone who orders a Pre-Plowing® by the end of this month will get 10% off their plowing pre-buy arrangement for next season.

That’s right.  Instead of paying $35 every time we have a snowstorm, never knowing how much it will cost you in the end, you can have me plow your driveway all winter long, no matter how much it snows, for one low fee of $300 if you pay by October 31.

Not convinced?

Come on, people.  This winter has been brutal.  I’ve got a mortgage, too, you know.

And I’ve also got to make payments on that new snowmobile I bought.




  1. sure wish you would go out of your comfort zone and come to northern michigan. your offer is just what the doctor ordered! well, the psychologist really… sigh.
    if not, is it ok if i “borrow” your idea and see if anyone here is as forward thinking as you seem to be? i mean, the all the driveways here are in the same situation!

  2. Nancy Hudak says:

    You might be interested to know that our town beat you to the concept, but as to sanding the roads, not plowing. If there’s a storm predicted, our town has begun putting sand down on the roads (even dirt ones) before the snow starts. We have no idea why, but it has happened several times this year.

  3. A brilliant innovation and an outstanding example of the entrepreneurial spirit that made American great. However, my brother-in-law removes the snow in my driveway the old fashioned way. He seems to enjoy it and it would be unkind to interfere with his little pleasures.

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