Local Library Hosts Toddler Story Time with PJ Party and Free Tattoos

NORRIDGEWOCK – Parents are invited to bring their small children to the Norridgewock Public Library’s 4th annual Toddler Story Time and Tattoo Party this Thursday evening at 6:30.  Refreshments will be provided.

“This is a wonderful tradition that brings the people of our community together,” said librarian Amanda Jacobs. “The kids listen to Winnie the Pooh and Dr. Seuss, while their parents mingle around in their pajamas and get religious symbols or flames permanently inked into their forearms, or the names of loved ones stamped onto their lower backs.”

Last year, Jacobs says, the event drew a record nine participants, “but this year should be even better because we’re offering hot chocolate and cigarettes.”

Also new this year will be a special corner set aside for children to get their own tattoos and piercings, with parental consent, of course.

Unlicensed artist Brett Coughlin inks Joe Larrabee, 19, of Norridgewock, while Joe's son, Ian, enjoys librarian Amanda Jacobs' reading of "The Little Engine That Could" during last year's annual storytime event at the Norridgewock Public Library. (Photo courtesy Norridgewock Historical Society archives)

Local resident Caylee Smith, 21, said she brought her two children last year and plans to attend again. “It’s a wonderful event,” she said. “And it’s so smart of them to have stories for the kids to draw them to the library. It’s sad, but they probably wouldn’t have as much participation if they just had tattoos and sugar.  But bringing in some old lady in a rocking chair to fumble her way through Clifford The Big Red Dog Gets Neutered makes it a real treat for everyone.”

This ostensibly wholesome occasion became the target of mild controversy two years ago when a member of the Board of Selectmen questioned the expense, but Jacobs was eventually able to convince the board that the library would use books it already has, rather than buying any new titles.

“It’s all about making the library a hub of the community, and showing kids that this is the place to be,” said Jacobs. “In the end, I think everyone supports that.”

For more information about the Norridgewock Public Library’s programs for children and families, call 634-2828, or visit townofnorridgewock.com.



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