Fundraising Drive Exceeds Wildest Expectations

The Sardine Report’s Annual “You’ve Got to be Shitting Me” Fundraising Drive raised like 50 bucks, which isn’t bad, considering we were only asking for ten.

We officially extend our heartfelt gratitude everyone who happened to be drunk enough to log into their PayPal account sometime in the last few weeks and float a few dollars to a sociopathically irreverent waste of bandwidth with no redeeming social value.

Thanks, mom.

Your donation will not go to waste. It will be used to promote the site to potential advertisers so we hopefully won’t have to beg for money again next year. Also, we want to buy several of these.

Meanwhile, if you happen to still be feeling generous and/or inebriated as we wind down the Season of Giving, click the “donate” button above to make us slightly less likely to lose interest in entertaining you in the coming year.




  1. O. Oronoko says:

    F’ing 1%ER! I hope you can’t find a tax loophole and have to pay 28%

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