Public Outraged at Politician Not Shamelessly Pandering for Votes

Someone Gets Their Wittle Feewings Hurt at Northern Maine Forum

FORT KENT – Appearing at a public Q&A session about his proposed MaineCare cuts, Governor Paul LePage said some not-nice things to a crowd of oversensitive Leave-it-to-Beaver types who were expecting him, for some reason, to behave like a debate team nerd.

The governor’s primary offense was to ask former state senator Judy Paradis, who questioned his facts, whether she was from another planet. Paradis later told an reporter that LePage is a “bully” and that she had “never felt so insulted.”

Judy Paradis

Adrienne Bennett, the Governor’s spokeshuman, said LePage “didn’t even cuss at anybody,” as was his custom during his first six months in office. “Those dweeb reporters tattled on him, but he didn’t even get a detention or anything, so it’s all good.”

Still, several attendees said he was so “rude” and “abrupt” that organizers found it necessary to call the whaaaaambulance by the time the event was over.

“No one should have to feel disrespected in that way by any public official, let alone the chief executive of our state,” said Rep. John Martin (D-Eagle Lake). “He was a big meanie. I want my mommy.”

Politicians normally strive to appear likable, even when dealing with people who disagree with them, says Everett Simon, professor of Political Science at Bates College. “If the governor thinks he can get re-elected Class President by stealing people’s lunch money and giving them wedgies, he’s going to learn a harsh lesson in 2014.”



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