Desperate “No” Campaign Seeks Help from Tribes

OLD TOWN – With polls showing strong support for a “Yes” vote to allow new gambling facilities in Lewiston and Biddeford, activists with the “No” campaign reached out the governor of the Penobscot Nation yesterday to see if he would be willing to endorse their opposition.

“This late in the game, it’s really beginning to look like the only way Maine voters will reject gambling is if they think Indians will benefit from it,” said Dennis Bailey of CasinosNo!, a grassroots organization that requires journalists to use an exclamation point after its name even if we don’t want to.

According to a recent Sardine Report poll, about 60% of Mainers plan to vote in favor of questions 2 and 3.  However, likely voters who were told that those questions were put forth by members of the Penobscot or Passamaquoddy Tribes said they would reject them by a 3 to 1 margin.

Out of bounds?

“This might explain why the ‘no’ campaign has been trying to tape pictures of feathers and tomahawks to all of the ‘yes’ signs,” said Bates College political science professor Edgar Fullerton. “It probably would have worked, too, if they had started a few weeks ago.”

A website called “The Casino Files” has surfaced, listing various misdeeds and illegal activities on the part of casino backers, including allegations that casino ownership groups are partnering with Indian tribes to share revenues. This information could not be verified, and the website’s anonymous author could not be reached for comment.

Penobscot Nation chief Kirk Francis refused to answer questions about the Casinos NO! request to join forces with the “yes” campaigns, but sources close to the situation say he told Dennis Bailey to go fuck himself.



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