Newspaper Posts Job Opening

Press-Herald to Hire Somebody for a Change

PORTLAND – Work is available for at least one unemployed journalist, announced officials at MaineToday Media yesterday.

The Portland Press-Herald, Kennebec Journal, and Waterville Morning Sentinel each posted an announcement in its classified ads pages and on Craigslist, stating that they are seeking a “self-motivated, innovative thinker” who is “not afraid of a challenge” and “has no interest in travel.”

The advertisement goes on to mention that “no experience is necessary, though demonstrated knowledge of ethical journalism practices is a plus.”

Media analysts say this marks the first time a journalism job has opened up in Maine in about 14 years, which partially explains why there are so many obnoxious bloggers here.

Sources say the company has already received 3,821 inquiries about the posting.




  1. “If nominated, I shall not accept. If elected, I shall not serve.” I think they should look outside the field of journalism, perhaps in the field of those with experience in herding cats.

  2. Ethical journalism?? When has that ever been necessary to work for the PPH?

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