Uncercover Video Shows Conservative Think Tank Rife With Promiscuity

Liberal Group Defends Decision to Promote Footage

AUGUSTA – The Christian Civic League of Maine, the state’s leading voice for conservative activism and family values, is itself the nexus of obscene levels of promiscuous sex.

That’s the conclusion of the Maine People’s Alliance, a liberal political advocacy group that released this video today, which they say clearly shows a CCLM worker identified as “Wilson” on the prowl for multiple sex partners at once:

The MPA hired an undercover actor to pose as a CCLM intern. The intern shot this video without permission.

“This footage clearly shows the potential for the Christian Civic League to be rife with debauchery,” said MPA director Jesse Graham, whose name, ironically, is a distracting cross between “Jesse Helms” and “Billy Graham.”

He continued, “This ‘Wilson’ guy is probably trying to father more children so he can milk the welfare system himself, since he and the rest of them are under the mistaken belief that it’s so easy to do.”

CCLM Executive Director Carroll Conley defended his organization’s reputation, pointing out that the MPA video was “heavily editied.”

“What they choose not to show you is all of the things we do that reinforce and strengthen traditional family values,” Conley said.

He produced the following clip, which he said the MPA cut from its promotional video, as evidence:

Graham dismissed the excerpted footage as “irrelevant,” arguing that it does not change the fact that the “potential for evil” exists within CCLM.

“What it shows, if anything, is the fear-mongering, group-think mentality of the Christian right,” Graham said. “Just because one of them managed to think for herself for a change doesn’t mean that the rest of them are not, on the whole, moving in choreographed unison at the whim of an authority figure who manipulates their instinct to fear the unknown.”



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