Area Bachelor Good with Kids, When He Feels Like It

BRUNSWICK – A single mother reported feeling a deeper level of attraction Saturday to the man she has been dating, as a result of watching him play with her children at a local playground.

Michelle Camponello, 27, of Paul Street, observed Brian Webster, 29, play tag and hide-and-seek with her boys, Patrick, 7, and Ian, 5, and said that he “seemed to really have a connection with them.”

Webster “definitely understood what they’re into, and how they like to play,” Camponello said. “Other guys I’ve dated don’t really show any interest in the boys, so this is really refreshing.”

Brian Webster, 29, of Topsham, would make a great father figure for these two boys, mainly on special occasions, or when he's hoping to get laid.

She added, “I’m looking for a man who understands that my kids are part of the package.”

Webster, an insurance claims adjuster from Topsham who was being introduced to Camponello’s kids on his third date with their mother, agreed that he feels comfortable around children.

“I can be really good with children, when I’m in the right mood,” he said. “It’s easier when they’re interested in the same stuff I am, like baseball. I can play catch with a kid all day. But if he’s one of these video game freaks, forget it.”

Camponello said it is hard for a single mother to find a man willing to make convenient sacrifices in order to sustain a family life.

“A lot of them don’t get it,” she said. “They think I just want them to move in and help out with the rent, but I’m really looking for someone who can be a great male role model for my boys, and really be there for them as long as there’s nothing more interesting and fun going on.”

Webster confirmed that he is just the right man to grant conditional love and acceptance to children, provided their mother doesn’t “turn out to be a bitch.”



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