New Sign Inspires Confidence

If this looks Photoshopped to you, that's because it is. But the sign is real. I just had to move it so you could see a garage in the background. Nice touch, eh?

GARLAND -Darren Reeves had been struggling to find customers, but that changed when he put a new sign out by the road last month.

“People have been stopping by like you wouldn’t believe,” said Reeves yesterday, just before spitting tobacco juice into a mud puddle in his driveway. “God, I must have had two people stop by just yesterday.”

Reeves has been working on cars and small engines in his garage on Center Road for about two years, but rarely got more than one or two customers a week.

“I did rebuild a guy’s transmission, and I’ve fixed a couple of snowmobiles, but that’s basically it,” he admitted. “But making that sign changed everything.”

The sign, which neighbor George Cavanaugh called “a work of art,” consists of a 4×5 piece of plywood, painted red, attached with rope to a red pole, and weighted down with a tire and several random pieces of steel. Reeves spray painted the words “Auto Repair” to each side.

“I’ve always taken my car over to Dexter to get my oil changed, but after seeing that sign, I know Darren’s Auto Repair is legit,” said new customer Cheryl Palmer. “I won’t take my car anywhere else, now.”

First Selectman Tom Travers, who is also the town’s Code Enforcement Officer and Fire Chief, hopes the sign brings Reeves enough business so that he can “afford a better one right off.”

But Reeves is not anxious to replace his new “good luck charm.” With all the extra business, “I might be able to afford to buy [my cousin] Jimmy’s four-wheeler.”




  1. That sign certainly does inspire confidence! If they’re going to do such an amazing job on it, imagine what magic they’ll do repairing my car. Making my appointment now.

  2. Bhollyhock says:

    I’m impressed. Any mechanic that can correctly spell “repair” has got to be good under the hood.

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