New Trails Open At Ski Resort

Four Dead

By Karl M. Chocensky

CARRABASSETT VALLEY – There’s plenty of wintry fun to be had as new trails have opened at one of Maine’s most popular ski-destinations.

A season of unusually high snowfall has allowed Sugarloaf, USA to add three miles of trails on the western side of the mountain.

Skiers and snow-boarders have been grinding and sliding their way down the mountain with loads of enthusiasm and fatalities.

The trails include two diamonds, a square, and three bunny courses, as well as a trick-park complete with half pipe and emergency helicopter landing pad.

“It’s rad! My friend Daniel did this sick flip,” said ski enthusiast Ralph McIntyre of Kingfield. “I’m really going to miss him.”

A Sugarloaf skier, demonstrating how much fun the new trails are.

Park manager Cory Fields had this to say: “Some people curse the snow, but we at Sugarloaf say ‘Bring it on!’ And we send our condolences to the families who have suffered from the many, many tragic confirmed deaths which occurred this season.”

An estimated thirty percent increase in sales is expected. That amounts to more than 150 skiers. Of which 143 are expected to make it home without catastrophic injury or loss of life, Fields said.

“That’s not bad, considering the ski lift for these new trails is a winch attached to an rusted-out 1988 Chevy Suburban,” he added.



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